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In the early morning of September 24, 2019, at the FIFA FIFA Best Male Athlete Awards Ceremony, Messi received the heavy trophy from FIFA President Infantino.


This is after 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, and also four years later, Messi once again won the World Footballer (FIFA Best Male Athlete) trophy, which symbolizes the highest personal honor in the football field.


When Messi just debuted, the media called him "Maradona's successor."


In the past, several Argentine players, Ortega, Gallardo, and Aimar, were all named this name. Although there were certain achievements in the end, they are still far from the real next Maradona. difference.


Until the 2005 World Youth Championship, a small 1.69 Argentine player turned out. The stories that happened in the next fourteen to five years are familiar to everyone.


From the hat-trick of the national derby, to copying Maradona’s hand of God and five consecutive people, to leading Barcelona to an unprecedented six crowns, and becoming the best player in the history of Barcelona and even the history of La Liga, and finally become Dazzling peerless double pride.


The sources of Messi signature collections currently on the market are mainly divided into these categories:


Signature brokerage company: This is mainly the British company ICONS. They have an exclusive cooperation with Messi (most of the time). Messi will sign a large number of jerseys, photos, sneakers and other collections for their company every year. In addition, as a brother company of ICONS, A1 Sporting will naturally get a share.

签名经纪公司:这主要是英国的ICONS公司。他们与梅西有独家合作关系(大部分时间)。梅西每年都会为其公司签署大量的球衣,照片,运动鞋和其他藏品。此外,作为ICONS的兄弟公司,A1 Sporting当然会获得份额。

Signature card: Panini of the United States will produce various series of Messi’s signature card every year. In addition to Messi’s signature, some of the stars may have Messi’s off-field or non-off-field jersey slices.


On-site IP: Because Messi visits China very rarely every year, the chance of IP in China is almost zero. The opportunities in Spain will be relatively more, but also limited.


Finally, regarding the club's reply, at least as far as I know, Barcelona will not return Messi to autograph the official card. Almost all the so-called club reply letters that can be seen on the market


There are three main types of Messi’s most mainstream collections: signature jerseys, signature photos, and star cards. In addition, there are some signature sneakers or other collections.


In terms of signature jerseys, ICONS will produce a Barcelona signature jersey almost every season, both at home and away.


In some special moments, there will be some commemorative jerseys. For example, when Messi scored the 600th Barcelona goal in his career, ICONS also issued commemorative jerseys.


In addition, Messi’s signature card is Panini’s darling. From the top real gold and silver, hand-held series, to Noir, IMM, to PRIZM, Select, Durex, almost all high school and low-end cards can find Mei Xi's autographed figure.

此外,梅西的签名卡是帕尼尼的宠儿。从顶级的真正的金银手持系列到Noir,IMM,PRIZM,Select,Durex,几乎所有高中和低端卡都可以找到Mei Xi的亲笔签名。

The price range of Messi's signature collection is quite wide. The price of a signature star card can be as low as 1,000 yuan, mostly between 3,000-5,000, and some good cards can cost tens of thousands. In addition, friends who are familiar with the field of star cards know that during this period of time, the card market is hot and prices have soared. Messi's self-signed card naturally took off. The sale price of ICONS's signature jersey is about 3000-4000 yuan, and the secondary market may be higher. In short, it's not cheap.

梅西的签名系列的价格范围很广。签名明星卡的价格可以低至1000元,大领航彩票官网下载部分在3,000-5,000之间,而一些优质的卡可能要花费数万美元。此外,熟悉星空卡领域的朋友都知道,在这段时间里,卡市场火爆,价格飞涨。梅西的自签名卡自然起飞了。 ICONS的标志球衣的销售价格约为3000-4000元,二级市场可能更高。简而言之,它并不便宜。

Why is the price of Messi's signature collection so high?


The most important thing is that Messi's personal achievements are high enough. After all, in this era, Messi is one of the two strongest football players. Coupled with his low-key and introverted character, it is more in line with Chinese aesthetic habits, so there are many fans.


In fact, the circulation of Messi’s official signature collection is not small. After all, ICONS and Panini have been working hard, and a large number of Messi’s self-signed products are sold every year.


However, due to the high popularity, the price of Mei boss's collections has always been very strong. Many collections were robbed as soon as they went on the market, and later purchases would require a premium.


At present, there are many fakes in the market, and a lot of fakes have been searched on a treasure and a fish. Newcomers should learn more, read more, ask more, understand the price more, and don't hold on to the fluke thinking of picking up cabbage.


Buy a Messi signed photo for twenty or thirty yuan, or two or three hundred for a Messi signature jersey, or to sign, so don’t write a letter.


Ocang’s best advice to everyone is that the source of Messi’s signature collection should be quite clear, mainly the major brokerage companies and star card companies, with very few IPs.


Therefore, when you look for official products when collecting, you will generally not buy fakes. If it is an IP signed jersey or other collection, you must look for the authoritative identification certificate (not self-made), if not, you would rather not buy it. This can avoid being pitted to the greatest extent.